What do TGP’s different configuration components mean?

What do TGP’s different configuration components mean? #

When you access TGP Validate, you’ll notice columns at the top of the screens with their different descriptions. What do they all mean? Their functions are outlined below:

A screenshot from TGP Validate showing the columns with TGP's configuration components outlined in red.

GP FORM: This is the form TGP Validate Script will be used for.

TARGET: The button in GP that will trigger the script and cause it to run.

ENABLED: Click this box to activate TGP Validate with all its defined configurations.

INCLUDE ALL WINDOWS: For GP Forms with multiple windows such as Sales Transaction Entry, click this box to pass values from all windows in the form to the stored procedure.

PASSING NOTIFICATION: Click this box to receive a message when TGP Validate is executed and passes without triggering an error message.

STORED PROCEDURE: The file with the script to be executed.

OVERRIDE PASSWORD: With the correct password, the system will allow TGP Validate to bypass error messages that would normally appear between 3001 and 5000.

GENERATE SCRIPT: Click this button to generate the template script for this GP form.

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