TGP Resources

TGP Resources makes understanding Dynamics GP easier than ever. It translates value names from SQL to understandable English. It also converts that script information into SQL statements, making the data easier to put in a report. Essentially, all the SQL views of tables created in Dynamics GP will appear with their corresponding English names.

This feature can also shows you all the script dictionaries and resources available for you to convert. Once activated, it reads all the available definitions and stores them in a table for you in your Dynamics database, making this information easily accessible later on.

Translate the Values

In the search bar, you can type in a table name and TGP Resources will show you the structure of the table and English descriptions of each field name. This makes it very easy to understand what each field means.

This feature also shows users the field data type. When you click the Show SQL button, it creates a SQL script with the field name translation. Instead of showing fields like the account index, TGP Resources shows you the account number and description, also making it a convenient tool for creating reports.

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