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Many years ago I was a consultant. For years, I listened to the needs of my customers; I learned about the things they had a hard time with and the features they wished were available in Dynamics GP. As a result of these interactions, I realized that I could address many of the issues that they faced. Although many of their ideas were complex and would require a lot of time and money, the day came when I decided that it was time for a big push.

I sat my family down and explained what I wanted to do, as well as the sacrifices that setting off on my journey would involve. With their support, I gave my resignation from my job and bought a new computer. Although I didn’t have a formal office, I set up shop in my garage. This would be the start of a prototyping and investigative journey that would eventually lead to the TitaniumGP customers know and love today.

First of all, I had to figure out if a Copy/Paste feature would even be feasible. Secondly, I knew that I wanted a product that would be easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Finally, I would have to use eConnect (the Microsoft integration API for Dynamics GP) since I wasn’t going to direct wire to the database, and I knew that using the GP interface simply wouldn’t cut it for the big ideas I wanted to bring to life.


It took months of trial and error. After trying what felt like a trillion different methodologies, one day, seemingly out of the blue, it happened. I clicked paste and the entire data set I was working with appeared in the journal entry in front of me. Suddenly, I saw a very real future for the programs I was working on. I was ecstatic. I wanted to start releasing the program, hire a marketing department, hire a sales team, and rent an office. However, I realized that I needed business cards and several other things that had never crossed my mind before. There was a long way to go before I would be ready. 

But then a thought started nagging me: “What about the other user requests on the list?”

I had a list, and it was a looooong one. Although there were several features that I wanted to work on, there was one in particular that I couldn’t stop thinking about. I wanted the ability to somehow add fields to the GP Windows in a simple manner. It needed to be incredibly easy to add and simple to report from. From that desire, Elastic Windows was born.

If you’re a developer yourself, then you know that the work I wanted to do was not an easy task to accomplish. I wasn’t even sure where to begin, but I knew what features I wanted to add. For that reason, Elastic Windows was the hardest feature to prototype, since it required interfacing the operating system to request an alteration in the GP Windows. This was no easy task. I also knew that I didn’t just want additional fields; I wanted to bring more functionality to these windows, including the addition of business rules validation, SQL views, SQL tables, plugins, and more.


After endless months of prototyping and many error messages later, I finally had a product I believed was ready to demo. I went to our friends at Rose Business Solutions and showed the product to Linda Rose and her team. Their words and enthusiasm encouraged me to continue to enhance the product even further. After several more audiences and the incorporation of a lot of the feedback I received, I finally had a product that was ready to be launched.

And that’s how it started: listening to users and hiding in my garage for months developing and prototyping. I’m glad TitaniumGP finally has an office, and my family is happy to finally have their garage back.


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At TitaniumGP, we consider it our mission to improve the Microsoft Dynamics GP user experience. We accomplish this mission with innovative and easy-to-use productivity tools which allow users to get more work done in much less time. TitaniumGP strives to eliminate manual and error-prone tasks, allowing our customers to spend more time on meaningful and value-added work.

Our approach is always customer-centric, and this ensures that our ongoing development always addresses the most critical user needs. 

Want to learn more about TitaniumGP and the team behind it? Swing by our office, shoot us a message, or give us a call. We’ll be here!

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