A light-weight auditing tool that allows administrators to monitor changes users make.

Simple installation, easy to use

TGP Remember is a feature that allows administrators to audit the company’s use of Dynamics GP. When changes are made in GP, this tool generates a trigger that will identify and record only the data values that were changed. These changes are stored in a customizable audit table, which allows administrators to control the data they want to see displayed. The options include Audit Data, Audit Time, Activity Description, and more. Through this customization, administrators can decide what information is important to them. 

In addition, TGP Remember contains features that allow administrators to keep the size of the auditing table in check. They can do this by setting limits on either the number of data entries they want to see or by constraining the data shown to a certain time frame. Another feature of TGP Remember is that it is not just limited to the default Dynamics GP tables. This tool may also be extended to any other table in GP; the administrator only needs to have the name of the table on hand to audit it.

How to review the audit information

Reviewing the audit information is easier than ever with the suite of tools that TitaniumGP offers. If Elastic Windows is activated, administrators can access TGP Remember through a card in the Elastic Window. These changes include knowing the modifications that were made, who made them, and when they were made. 

TGP Remember’s audit table

The Audit table produced by TGP Remember is dynamic and easy to use. It can easily be added to SmartList using Smart Designer. Our Search button is also compatible with TGP Remember, and it can be used to locate desired information.


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