A tool that gives you more information on the security of your system

TGP Safe gives you access to security information

Knowing who has access to GP windows has never been simpler. TGP Safe has 2 main processes:

  • Who has access to a GP Window?
  • What role or Task ID does a window belong to?

Simply select one of the processes as above and type in the name of any Dynamics GP Window and TGP Safe will give you a table with the desired information.

Each process gives you access to the security information you want

In the process “who has access to a GP window?” you will be given a table with the list of people who have access to that window, their Series, their Role ID, Task ID, and the definition of the selected window.

In the process “What role or Task ID does a window belong to?” see who has access to that GP window according to the roles and tasks assigned at a particular time.

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