TitaniumGP Features

Get to know the TitaniumGP features. Everything you need to upgrade Dynamics GP in one simple package.


Our Available Products


Use Dynamics GP directly in Excel. One of our newest products and our most powerful.


Easily copy and paste data between Microsoft Excel and Dynamics GP.

Elastic Windows

Customize your Dynamics GP windows to better suit your business.

The Button

Review who is in the system and the amount of time users are idle in Dynamics GP. Review/release locked documents and batches.

TGP Validate

Configure business rules with ease and manage data entry automatically in your GP system.

TGP Remember

A lightweight auditing tool that provides information on who modified what and when in the database.

TGP Resources

Translate the names of tables and possible values into English and convert that script information into SQL statements.

TGP Safe

Keep your system safe. Grant or remove access to GP windows.


An easy way to automatically assign the next customer, prospect, vendor, or inventory item ID in Dynamics GP.

Coming Soon...

Check out our upcoming projects and see new ways to use our current products.

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