Item Bin Transfer

The Item Bin Transfer template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Document NumberMax Characters:17
If not supplied, next ID will be used
Document DateIf not supplied, user date will be used
Reason CodeMax Characters:15
Item Number *Max Characters:30
Site Id *Max Characters:10
Quantity TypeQuantity type: 1=On hand (Default; 2=Returned; 3=In use; 4=In service; 5=Damaged
Unit Of MeasureUnit of measure; if not passed in, default is with the base unit of measure; serial numbers must use base unit of measure and only one can be transferred at a time Max Characters:8
Bin (Transfer From *Max Characters:15
Quantity*Quantity; if it is a serial-numbered quantity, it must be set to 1
To Bin (Transfer To *Max Characters:15
Create Bin On The FlyCreate bin on the fly: 0=False; 1=True
Reset Quantity FlagReset quantity flag: 0=Do not reset QUANTITY to the quantity available; 1=Reset QUANTITY to the quantity available in the bin
Add Additional Serial Lot Numbers To An Existing DocumentAdd additional serial lot numbers to an existing document: 0=Do not allow; 1=Allow
Serial Or Lot NumberSerial or lot number; required if the item is serial or lot numbered Max Characters:20
Expiration DateExpiration Date: Can be used to select a specific lot layer.

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