How to use TGPPeriod().

TGPPeriod is a simpler function that allows us to find out if a specified period is open or closed. simply give it some parameters of the period and it will return its state:

  • Series (Required):The broader group that the Period is a part of, it is broken down into these options, users may enter the number (2), highlighted letter(F), or full field (Financial):
    • 2- (F)inancial
    • 3 – (S)ales
    • 4 – (P)urchasing
    • 5 – (I)nventory
    • 6 – (Pay)roll
    • 7 – (Pro)ject 
  • Year (Required): The Numeric value of the Year to search in.
  • Period (Required): The Numeric value of the Period to search in.


Some examples of the syntax as well as the following results are as follows:

  • =TGPPeriod(2,2023,1)
    • Open
  • =TGPPeriod(2,2023,4)
    • Closed

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