How do I Uninstall an Old TitaniumGP Version to Install a Newer Version?

If you are upgrading your Dynamics GP version, you must uninstall that TitaniumGP version and install the corresponding version.

To first uninstall TitaniumGP, follow these steps: #

    1. Go to the Add-ins folder of your Dynamics GP and locate the AdvTrex.TitaniumGP.dll file. This is the default path to the file location:
  1. Delete the file.
  2. Restart your Dynamics GP.



To reinstall TitaniumGP, follow these steps: #

  1. Review the new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP installed on your computer. 
  2. Go to and click on the “Download” tab in the Download & Try menu.
  3. Select the version of TitaniumGP to download according to the Dynamics GP version installed on your computer.
  4. Once the files are downloaded, go to the downloads folder and extract the contents:
    • Right click on the file and select “Extract All”.
    • Choose the folder where you would like to see the files (the downloads folder is the default).
  5. Open the new extracted folder and find the file called AdvTrex.TitaniumGP.dll.
    • Right-click on the file and select “Properties”.
  6. When the properties window comes up, check the “Unblock” box and then click “Apply”. Once this is done, that section should disappear from the properties.
    • Note: The “Unblock” box may not be available if the file has been unblocked au­tomatically. If this is the case, you can proceed normally.
  7. Find the location of the Dynamics GP AddIns folder.
    • Select the .dll file and copy it.
      • The default path is shown in the image below.
    • Paste the .dll file into this folder.
  8. Launch Dynamics GP. Once Dynamics GP is fully loaded, the TGP Registration window will open. To continue the registration, check the box indicating that you agree to the EULA near the top of the window.
    • Note: If Dynamics GP was open, please close it and relaunch it for the changes to be applied.
  9. Fill out the user and company information and click “Save Registration”.
  10. Next, go to the Install menu.
    • Select the companies the program should be installed for.
    • Click “Install TitaniumGP” at the top of the window.
    • A pop-up window will ask for confirmation to install/review TitaniumGP SQL Objects. Click “Yes”.
  11. Now, send an email to to get a new registration key for your product. If someone in your company has already done so, simply click “Download my Licenses.”
  12. A message will show up informing you that the license has been downloaded. Please restart Dynamics GP to use your new TitaniumGP version.

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