Can I view my custom SmartList in TGP+?

TGP+’s SmarterList lets users access the same information and lists they see in GP.

This means that if you’ve created custom lists or SmartList views, then you’ll also be able to access these in TGP+.

This has a lot of potential applications. For example, if you have people in your company that need access to certain SmartLists or GP data, but maybe don’t even how to use GP, they can use TGP+. Simply create a profile for them in GP and give them access only to the data that is relevant to them. They can log into TGP+ using their credentials and can load their GP SmartLists right there in Excel. Without ever having to launch GP, and at an incredible speed, they can use this information to create reports or analyses. They can view data, and even update it straight from Excel.

Since they don’t have to launch GP to do this, this user also won’t take up a concurrent user license.

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