Elastic Global Customization

This article will list and describe all the customization that affects the entire Elastic Window at once.

  1. GPWindow Properties: This factor decides the width of the Elastic Window, giving the Designer the options of 220px, 330px, and 440px wide. Wider aspect ratios fit more data but may not fit your needs.
  2. Field Selection: Chooses the Primary Key Fields that help associate the Elastic Window with the GP Window that it is under.
  3. Icon: Underneath the GPWindow Properties there are 2 drop down selections, the wider ones lets you cycle through the fields in the current Elastic Window but the thinner one lets you choose a selection of icons to display in the tab of the Elastic Window
  4. FieldName: Describes how the field or tab is seen on the back end, and what label the table has in the database.
  5. Description: A description of the Elastic Window and what its for, this is not displayed to the user, only for documentation for the designer.
  6. DisplayOnly: To be used in tandem with the SQLScript function, converts the field into a Display Only mode disallowing users to change the values shown.
  7. InquiryWindow: Decides if the Elastic Window will show up on the inquiry version of the card, if false the inquiry window will not show up
  8. Records:
  9. TabName: decides the name shown in the top tab of the window.
  10. ToolTip: What will be shown when the user hovers over the tab, useful for providing small context about an Elastic Window.
  11. Location: For fields this value describes the (X,Y) position of the field in pixels giving designers complete control as to where the fields will go (as long as the Auto Position Feature is unchecked)
  12. Size: Gives the (Width, Hight) of the field, allowing Designers to make thinner fields where necessary
  13. Casing: With this the designer can decide if the data entered into this text based field will be forced into Upper case, Lower case, or left as entered.
  14. Format
    • RTF: Rich Text Format, gives the user most of the abilities they have in word to modify their text (Bolding/Underlining/Highlighting)
    • Text: Text only storage, removes the ability to store formatting data in the fields
    • HTML: Allows the user to type in HTML code
    • Normal/Long: For images this will decide if the Elastic Window displays in a thumbnail size or a larger size
  15. ShowScanner: If a scanner is connected and turned on this setting allows users to use the scanner to upload images to the database and display it in the field

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