Vendor Address

The Vendor Address template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Vendor ID*Vendor number and Adddres Code must be entered
Address Code*
Vendor ContactMax Characters: 60
Address 1Max Characters: 60
Address 2Max Characters: 60
Address 3Max Characters: 35
CityMax Characters: 29
StateMax Characters: 10
Zip CodeMax Characters: 6
CountryMax Characters: 60
UPS Zone
Phone Number 1
Phone Number 2
Phone 3
Fax Number
Shipping Method
Tax Schedule ID
Email Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Email Recipient
Email PO Format
Fax Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Fax Number
Fax PO Format
Country CodeMax Characters: 6
Declarant ID
E-Mail Address
Web-Site Address
Ftp Address
User-Defined Field 1
User-Defined Field 2
Internet Information
Messenger Address
Email Bcc Address
Email Cc Address
Email To Address
Foreign Bank
Bank Name
EFT Bank Account
EFT Bank Branch
GIRO Post Type1=Pure 2=Impure
EFT Bank Code
EFT Bank Branch Code
EFT Bank Check Digit
Building Society Roll No
International Bank Account Number
Swift Address
Customer/Vendor Country Code
Delivery Country Code
Bank Country Code
Central Bank Code
EFT Address 1
EFT Address 2
EFT Address 3
EFT Address 4
Regulatory Code 1
Regulatory Code 2
Bank Info 7
EFT Transit Routing Number
EFT Currency ID
EFT Transfer Method1=Not Specified 2 = Business Account 3=Corporate Account 4=Personal Account 5=Foreign Account
EFT Account Type1=Checking 2=Savings 3=General Ledger 4=Loan
EFT Prenote Date
EFT Termination Date

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