Customer Address

The Customer Address template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Customer Number*Max Characters:15
Address Id*Max Characters:15
Salesperson IdMax Characters:15
Ups ZoneMax Characters:3
Shipping MethodMax Characters:15
Tax ScheduleMax Characters:15
Contact PersonMax Characters:60
Customer Address OneMax Characters:60
Customer Address TwoMax Characters:60
Customer Address ThreeMax Characters:60
Customer CountryMax Characters:60
Customer CityMax Characters:35
Customer StateMax Characters:29
Customer ZipMax Characters:10
Phone OneMax Characters:21
Phone TwoMax Characters:21
Phone ThreeMax Characters:21
FaxMax Characters:21
Country CodeMax Characters:6
Location CodeMax Characters:10
Sales TerritoryMax Characters:15
Ship To NameMax Characters:64
Print Phone NumberPrint phone number:0=Do not print;1=Phone 1;2=Phone 2;3=Phone 3;4=Fax
User Defined 1Max Characters:20
User Defined 2Max Characters:20
E-Mail Address
Web-Site Address
Ftp Address
User Defined 1
User Defined 2
Internet Information
Messenger Address
Email Bcc Address
Email Cc Address
Email To Address

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