What if I want to create a NextID for something with a name that already exists in my system?

Great question! That’s why TitaniumGP’s NextID feature allows users to specify the number of characters AND digits they want to see each of their IDs have. We recommend creating IDs with both characters and digits precisely for this reason.

Let’s run through a quick example. Let’s say you set up NextID to create IDs with three characters and three digits. If you create a customer with the last name Martinez, and it’s the first time you have a customer with this last name in the database, then the ID that will automatically be created under these settings is MAR001. The next time you want to add a customer with either the same name or one starting with the same three characters (such as Martin), NextID will automatically create the next sequential ID, which in this case would be MAR002. In this way, all of the customer, item, vendor, prospect, and employee IDs stay consistent and unique.

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