Asset Book

The Asset Book template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Asset Id *Max Characters:15
Asset Suffix Id
Book Id *Max Characters:15
Place In Service Date
Date Added
Depreciate To Date
Cost Basis
Salvage Value
Ytd Depreciation *
Ltd Depreciation *
Depreciation MethodDepreciation method: 1=Straight-line orig. life; 2=Straight-line rem. life; 3=125%DB; 4=150% DB; 5=175% DB; 6=200% DB; 7=SOY digits; 8=Remaining life; 9=Amortization; 10=ACRS personal; 11=ACRS real; 12=ACRS real MSL; 13=ACRS LIH; 14=ACRS foreign real; 15=No depreciation; 16=Declining balance
Averaging ConventionAveraging convention: 1=Half-year; 2=Modified half-year; 3=Mid-month (1st); 4=Mid-month (15th); 5=Mid-quarter; 6=Next month; 7=Full month; 8=Next year; 9=Full year; 10=Full year all year; 11=None; 12=Next period; 13=Full period
Switch OverSwitch over: 1=No switch; 2=Straight-line
Original Life Years
Original Life Days
Amortization CodeAmortization code: 0=None; 1=Daily; 2=Weekly; 3=Monthly; 4=Quarterly; 5=Yearly; 6=Percentage; 7=Rate
Amortization Amount/Percentage
Initial Allowance Percentage
Special Depreciation AllowanceSpecial depreciation allowance: 1=False; 2=True
Special Depreciation Allowance Percentage
Luxury AutoLuxury auto: 1=False; 2=True
Luxury Van Or TruckLuxury van or truck: 0=False; 1=True
Luxury Electric AutoLuxury electric auto: 0=False; 1=True
Id Of User Who EnteredMax Characters:15

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