The Contract template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Record Type*1=Quote, 2=Contract, 3=Template, 4=History
Contract NumberEmpty will generate a new contract number Max Characters:11
Tax Schedule IdMax Characters:15
Address IdMax Characters:15
Purchase OrderMax Characters:21
DescriptionMax Characters:31
Base Parts
Base Labor
Base Additional
Pm Additional
Pm Parts
Pm Labor
Vendor IdMax Characters:15
Sales Person IdMax Characters:15
Billing Start
Billing End
Billing Length
Billing Period
ContactMax Characters:61
Currency IdMax Characters:15
Contract TypeMax Characters:11
Price BookMax Characters:11
Customer IdMax Characters:15
Entry Date (Default Date
Service TypeMax Characters:11
Bill On Day
Bill Frequency Type
Contract Length
Contract Period
Create Invoice
Credit Hold
Signing Date
Liability Type
Bill To CustomerMax Characters:15
Invoice Detail
Bill To AddressMax Characters:15
Smooth Revenue
Bill Frequency Value
Bill Frequency Quantity

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