How to use TGPItemQuantities()

TGPItemQuantities is a very useful function for users that interact with inventory heavily, its purpose is to display the Item Quantity value for the specified inventory.

The syntax for this function is as follows:

  • ItemNumber (Required): The Item Number to search for
  • Location (Optional): The Inventory Location to search for
    • If no location is specified then this function will return values for all sites
  • Column (Optional):
    • [A]vail (Default)
    • [O]n Hand
    • A[L]located
    • [B]ackorder 

Some examples of the syntax and results are as follows:

  • =TGPItemQuantities(C32)  
    • 10
  • =TGPItemQuantities(C32,,“L”) 
    • 1
  • =TGPItemQuantities(C32,,“B“)  
    • 20
  • =TGPItemQuantities(C35,”WAREHOUSE”) 
    • 5

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