Item Class

The Item Class template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Item Class Id *Max Characters:10
Item Class Description *Max Characters:30
Default ClassDefault class: 0=False; 1=True
Item TypeItem type: 1=Sales inventory; 2=Discontinued; 3=Kit; 4=Miscellaneous charges; 5=Services; 6=Flat fee
Item Tracking OptionItem tracking option: 1=None; 2=Serial numbers; 3=Lots
Lot CategoryMax Characters:10
Lot Expiration WarnLot Expiration Warn: 0 = no warning 1 = warnings enabled If the item is not lot number tracked, the value of this element is not used.
Days Before Lot ExpiresDays Before Lot Expires: Valid entries equal 0 - 999. If LOTEXPWARN is 0 then LOTEXPWARNDAYS always defaults to 0. If the item is not lot number tracked, the value of this element is not used.
Keep Period HistoryKeep period history: 0=False; 1=True
Keep Transaction HistoryKeep transaction history: 0=False; 1=True
Keep Calendar HistoryKeep calendar history: 0=False; 1=True
Keep Distribution HistoryKeep distribution history: 0=False; 1=True
Allow Back OrdersAllow back orders: 0=False; 1=True
Item Generic DescriptionMax Characters:10
Sales Tax OptionsSales tax options: 1=Taxable; 2=Nontaxable
Sales Tax Schedule IdMax Characters:15
Purchase Tax OptionsPurchase tax options: 1=Taxable; 2=Nontaxable; 3=Base on vendor
Purchase Tax Schedule IdMax Characters:15
Unit Of Measure Schedule IdMax Characters:11
Valuation MethodValuation method: 1=FIFO perpetual; 2=LIFO perpetual; 3=Average perpetual; 4=FIFO periodic; 5=LIFO periodic
User Defined 1Max Characters:10
User Defined 2Max Characters:10
User Defined 3Max Characters:10
User Defined 4Max Characters:10
User Defined 5Max Characters:10
User Defined 6Max Characters:10
Decimal Places QuantityDecimal places quantity: 1=0; 2=1; 3=2; 4=3; 5=4; 6=5
Inventory AccountMax Characters:75
Inventory Offset AccountMax Characters:75
Cost Of Goods Sold AccountMax Characters:75
Sales AccountMax Characters:75
Markdowns AccountMax Characters:75
Sales Returns AccountMax Characters:75
In Use AccountMax Characters:75
In Service AccountMax Characters:75
Damaged AccountMax Characters:75
Variance AccountMax Characters:75
Drop Ship Items AccountMax Characters:75
Purchase Price Variance AccountMax Characters:75
Unrealized Purchase Price Variance AccountMax Characters:75
Inventory Returns AccountMax Characters:75
Assembly Variance AccountMax Characters:75
Price LevelMax Characters:10
Price GroupMax Characters:10
Price MethodPrice method: 1=Currency amount; 2=Percentage of list price; 3=Percentage mark-up of current cost; 4=Percentage mark-up of standard cost; 5=Percentage margin of current cost; 6=Percentage margin of standard cost
Revalue InventoryRevalue inventory: 0=False; 1=True
Tolerance Percentage
Use Quantity Overage ToleranceUse quantity overage tolerance: 0=Do not use; 1=Use
Use Quantity Shortage ToleranceUse quantity shortage tolerance: 0=Do not use; 1=Use
Quantity Over Tolerance PercentQuantity over tolerance percent: Provide a value of 0 - 99999. For example, 99999 equals 99.999.
Quantity Short Tolerance PercentQuantity short tolerance percent: Provide a value of 0 - 99999. For example, 99999 equals 99.999.

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