No more VLookup? (TGPGet)

VLookup is often a pain point for many Excel users, due to its complicated use and unintuitive setup. It is a powerful function that allows a user to find specified information in a lookup table. This is \

TGPGet is a much simpler solution to the same problem. It has 4 fields to be populated:

  • SearchValue (Required): The Value or String that you are looking for.
  • WhichGPTable (Optional): This field is to select the table to search for the value, you can enter any table in the Company Database
    • There are some aliases that you can utilize for this field:
      • CUS = RM00101 
      • ITM = IV00101 
      • VEN = PM00200 
      • ACC = GL00100 JOIN GL00105 
      • FA   = FA00100 
    • If this field is empty, then the function will search in the above 5 fields using the parameters below.
  • FieldToRetrieve (Optional): This field is situationally optional. If the WhichGPTable is one of the aliases shown then this field may be left blank.
    • Under these conditions the following will apply:
      • CUS → CUSTNAME
      • ITM → ITEMDESC
      • VEN → VENDNAME
      • ACC → ACTDESCR
      • FA   → ASSETDESC
    • If the WhichGPTable uses a custom company table then this field must be populated.
  • KeyFieldToSearch (Optional): Any field in the data table can be used to search
    • If any alias is used then the following apply:
      • CUS → CUSTNMBR
      • ITM → ITEMNMBR
      • VEN → VENDORID
      • FA   → ASSETID 


Some examples of the syntax and results are as follows:

  • =TGPGet(“100XLG”)
    • Green Phone
  • =TGPGet(123) 
    • 000-4131-00 
  • =TGPGet(“000-4131-00”) 
    • Canadian Sales – Installation Charges 
  • =TGPGet(“CHAIR”, ”IV00101”, ”STNDCOST”) 
    • 81.39 

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