How to best utilize TGPGLAccountBalance()

TGPGLAccountBalance() is a function that pulls the period Balance and Credits/Debits of a G/L account.

Some of the fields used are defined as follows:

  • Account (Required): Either the Index or the Number of the account to search
  • Year (Required): The Numeric value for the Year to search.
  • Period (Required): The Numeric value for the Period to search.
  • Column (Optional): A selection of the specific column to search:
    • [B]alance (default)
    • [E]nd Balance]
    • [D]ebits
    • [C]redits
    • [N]et Change

Here are some examples of the Syntax as well as the results:

  • =TGPGLAccountBalance(“000-1100-00”,2023,2) 
    • 53,588.83 
  • =TGPGLAccountBalance(“000-1100-00”,2023,3)
    • (9,683,64) 
  • =TGPGLAccountBalance(1,2023,2,”D) 
    • 56,583.42 

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