Asset General Information

The Fixed Asset General template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Asset Id *Max Characters:15
Asset Suffix Id
Short NameMax Characters:15
Asset Description *Max Characters:40
Extended DescriptionMax Characters:40
Master Asset IdMax Characters:19
Structure IdMax Characters:30
Asset Class Id *Max Characters:15
Location IdMax Characters:15
Acquisition Date *
Acquisition Cost
Asset TypeAsset type:1=New; 2=Used; 3=Leased
Asset StatusAsset status:1=Active; 2=Deleted; 3=Partial open; 4=Retired
Property TypeProperty type:1=Personal; 2=Personal, listed; 3=Real; 4=Real, listed; 5=Real, conservation; 6=Real, energy; 7=Real, farms; 8=Real, low-income housing; 9=Amortization
Beginning Quantity
Current Year Maintenance
Ytd Maintenance
Ltd Maintenance
Last Maintenance Date
Assessed Value
Manufacturers NameMax Characters:25
Serial NumberMax Characters:20
Model NumberMax Characters:20
Warranty Date
CustodianMax Characters:25
Date Added
Date Deleted
Physical Location IdMax Characters:15
Asset LabelMax Characters:19
Verified Date
PinMax Characters:15
Account Group IdMax Characters:15

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