How do I update TitaniumGP?

In order to update TitaniumGP you need to have administrator access. Follow this guide for a quick and easy update experience.


  1. Make sure Dynamics GP is being run as an administrator.
    Run tgp as admin
  2. Access the control desk by double clicking the TitaniumGP icon in the taskbar. You can also right click on the icon an access the Control Desk through the dropdown menu.
    TGP Icon in TaskbarAccess TGP Control Desk through the taskbar
  3. Select GP Admin in the left-hand side navigation panel.
    Admin access in Control Desk
  4. Select Check for Updates in the left-hand side navigation panel.
    Access Check For Updates
  5. In the window, select Check for Updates. If you are not running the most recent version, a warning icon will appear. Select Update this client (or Update this Location for updating a server).
    Select Check for Updates
    Select Update this Client or Location
  6. Once you see the confirmation window, you can restart Dynamics GP.
    Update confirmation window
  7. If there is a green checkmark when checking for updates, you are running the most recent version.
    Most recent version installed

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