Vendor Maintenance

The Vendor Maintenance template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Vendor Id*If the Vendor number exists then it will update
Vendor NameMax Characters: 60
Vendor Short NameMax Characters: 15
Vendor Check NameMax Characters: 64
Hold0=Not on hold; 1=Hold
Vendor Status1=Active; 2=Inactive; 3=Temporary
Vendor Class Id
Primary Vendor Address Id
Vendor Contact
Address 1Max Characters: 60
Address 2Max Characters: 60
Address 3Max Characters: 60
CityMax Characters: 35
StateMax Characters: 29
Zip CodeMax Characters: 10
Country CodeMax Characters: 6
CountryMax Characters: 60
Phone 1
Phone 2
Phone 3
Fax Number
Tax Schedule Id
Shipping Method
Ups Zone
Vendor Purchase Address Id
Vendor Remit To Address Id
Vendor Ship From Address Id
Vendor Account Number
Comment 1
Comment 2
Note Text
Currency Id
Rate Type Id
Payment Terms Id
Discount Grace PeriodMax Characters: 99
Due Date Grace PeriodMax Characters: 99
Payment Priority
Minimum Order
Trade Discount
Tax Id Number
Tax Registration Number
Checkbook Id
User-Defined 1
User-Defined 2
Tax 1099 Type1=Not a 1099 vendor 2=Dividend 3=Interest 4=Miscellaneous
Tax 1099 Box Number
Free On Board1=None 2=Origin 3=Destination
User Language
Minimum Payment Type0=No minimum 1=Percent 2=Amount
Minimum Payment Dollar Amount
Minimum Payment PercentMinimum payment percent; used if MINPYTYP=1
Maximum Invoice Amount Type0=No maximum 1=Amount
Maximum Invoice Dollar AmountMaximum invoice dollar amount; used if Max Invoice Type =1
Credit Limit Type0=No credit 1=Unlimited 2=Amount
Credit Limit Dollar Amount
Write-Off Type0=Not allowed 1=Unlimited 2=Maximum
Maximum Write-Off AmountMaximum write-off amount; used if WRITEOFF=2
Revalue Vendor0=Do not revalue 1=Revalue
Post Results To0=Payable/Discount account 1=Purchasing offset account
Maintain History—Calendar YearMaintain history 0=Do not maintain; 1=Maintain
Maintain History—Fiscal YearMaintain history 0=Do not maintain; 1=Maintain
Maintain History—TransactionMaintain history 0=Do not maintain; 1=Maintain
Maintain History—DistributionMaintain history 0=Do not maintain; 1=Maintain
Use Cash Account From0=Checkbook 1=Vendor
Cash AccountCash account; only valid if Cash Account from 1=Vendor
Accounts Payable Account
Terms Discount Available Account
Terms Discount Taken Account
Finance Charges Account
Purchases Account
Trade Discount Account
Miscellaneous Account
Freight Account
Tax Account
Write-Off Account
Accrued Purchases Account
Purchase Price Variance Account
Use Vendor Class
Create Address

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