How to use Copy/Paste in Dynamics GP

An easy to follow guide on using TitaniumGP to Copy/Paste in Dynamics GP: #

  1. Open the Dynamics GP card you want to paste information into.
  2. Click the Additional drop-down menu in the ribbon and click TGP Paste or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+T.
    Additional dropdown menu in Dynamics GP card
  3. If there is nothing in your computer’s clipboard a window will option with the option to generate a template.
    (Note: You can also find templates in the Copy/Paste section of the TitaniumGP Control Desk)
    Generate template popup window in Dynamics GP cardCopy Paste templates accessible through the TitaniumGP Control Desk
  4. If there is nothing in your computer’s clipboard, a window will open with the option to generate a template.
  5. Using the pasted template, fill in the information as is necessary    (Note: Headers in bold and with an asterisk are required fields).
  6. Once you have inputted the information, select the entire table (including the headers), and copy it into your clipboard.
    (Note: With one of the cells in the table selected you can click Ctrl+A to select the entire table)
    Fully selected table in Excel window
  7. Return to the GP card and once again select the Additional drop-down menu and click TGP Paste, or simply click Ctrl+T.
    (Note: If the information already exists, TitaniumGP® will warn you and ask if you wish to update it)
    TitaniumGP warning popup window about updating pre-existing information
  8. Your information will now be pasted into the correct fields.
    Information pasted successfully into Dynamics GP

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