Cash Receipts

The Cash Receipts template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Customer Number*
Document Number
Document Date*
Transaction Amount*
Gl Posting Date
Batch Number*
Cash Receipt Type*0=Check;1=Cash;2=Credit card
Checkbook Id
Check Number Or Credit Card Number
Credit Card Id
Transaction Description
Create Distributions
Checkbook Id For The Batch
Distr. Account Type 11=Cash;2=Taken;3=Recv;4=Write;5=Avail;6=Gst; 7=Wh; 8=Other;9=Sales;10=Trade;11=Freight; 12=Misc;13=Taxes; 14=Cogs; 15=Inv; 16=Fnchg;17=Returns;18=DrMemo;19=CrMemo;20=Service;21=Warrexp;22=Warrsls;23=Commexp;24=Cpmmpay
Distr. Account Number 1Up to 100 Dist Lines.
Distr. Debit 1
Distr. Credit 1
Distr. Reference 1
Distr. Account Type 2
Distr. Account Number 2
Distr. Debit 2
Distr. Credit 2
Distr. Reference 2
Distr. Account Type 3
Distr. Account Number 3
Distr. Debit 3
Distr. Credit 3
Distr. Reference 3
Currency Id
Exchange Rate
Rate Type Id
Expiration Date
Exchange Date
Exchange Id Description
Exchange Rate Source
Rate Expiration
Days To Increment
Rate Variance
Transaction Date Default
Rate Calculation Method
Previous Day Limits
Date Limits

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