Employee Maintenance

The Employee Maintenance template has the following fields, the table also includes any restrictions regarding the field inputs:

Employee IdMax Characters:15
Employee ClassMax Characters:15
InactiveInactive: 0=False; 1=True
Last NameMax Characters:20
First NameMax Characters:15
Middle NameMax Characters:15
Employee SuffixMax Characters:4
Address CodeMax Characters:15
Address Code 1Max Characters:30
Address Code 2Max Characters:30
Address Code 3Max Characters:30
CityMax Characters:30
StateMax Characters:29
Zip CodeMax Characters:10
CountyMax Characters:20
CountryMax Characters:20
Phone Number 1Max Characters:21
Phone Number 2Max Characters:21
Phone Number 3Max Characters:21
Fax NumberMax Characters:21
Social Security NumberMax Characters:15
Birth Date
GenderGender: 1=Male; 2=Female; 3=Not applicable
Ethnic OriginEthnic origin: 1=White; 2=Native American or Alaskan Native; 3=Black or African American; 4=Asian; 5=Hispanic or Latino; 6=Two or more races; 7=Not applicable; 8=Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
Calculate Minimum Wage BalanceCalculate minimum wage balance: 0=False; 1=True
Division CodeDivision code Max Characters:6
DepartmentMax Characters:6
Job TitleMax Characters:6
Supervisor CodeMax Characters:6
Location IdMax Characters:15
Cash Account FromCash account from: 0=Checkbook; 1=Employee
Account NumberMax Characters:75
Work Hours Per Year
Start Date
Date Employee InactivatedDate employee inactivated; this field is active if INACTIVE=1
Reason Employee InactivatedReason employee inactivated; this field is active if INACTIVE=1 Max Characters:30
Minimum Net Pay
Suta StateMax Characters:2
Workers' Compensation CodeMax Characters:6
Auto Accrue VacationAuto accrue vacation: 0=False; 1=True
Vacation Accrual Amount
Vacation Accrual MethodVacation accrual method: 0=Hours worked; 1=Set hours
Vacation Hours Per Year
Vacation Available
Warn If Vacation Falls Below ZeroWarn if vacation falls below zero: 0=False; 1=True
Auto Accrue Sick TimeAuto accrue sick time: 0=False 1=True
Sick Time Accrual MethodSick Time Accrual Method: 0=Hours worked 1=Set hours
Sick Time Accrual Amount
Sick Time Available
Sick Time Hours Per Year
Warn Sick Time Falls Below Zero 0Warn sick time falls below zero 0=False 1=True
User Defined 1Max Characters:20
User Defined 2Max Characters:20
Type Of EmploymentType of employment: 1=Full-time regular; 2=Full-time temporary; 3=Part-time regular; 4=Part-time temporary; 5=Intern; 6=Other
Marital StatusMarital status: 1=Married; 2=Single; 3=Not applicable
Benefit Adjustment Date
Last Day Worked
Birth MonthBirth month: 1=January; 2=February; 3=March; 4=April; 5=May; 6=June; 7=July; 8=August; 9=September; 10=October; 11=November; 12=December
SpouseMax Characters:15
Spouse Social Security NumberMax Characters:15
NicknameMax Characters:20
Alternate NameMax Characters:20
Status CodeMax Characters:15
Hr StatusHR Status: 1=Active; 2=Family leave; 3=Leave of absence; 4=Maternity; 5=Other; 6=Retired; 7=Separated; 8=Suspended; 9=Terminated
Date Of Last ReviewDate of last review
Date Of Next ReviewDate of next review
Benefit Expire
HandicappedHandicapped: 0=False; 1=True
VeteranVeteran: 0=False; 1=True
Vietnam VeteranVietnam veteran: 0=False; 1=True
Disabled VeteranDisabled veteran: 0=False; 1=True
Union EmployeeUnion employee: 0=False; 1=True
SmokerSmoker: 0=False; 1=True
CitizenCitizen: 0=False; 1=True
VerifiedVerified: 0=False; 1=True
I9 RenewI9 renew
Primary Pay RecordPrimary pay record Max Characters:6
Change ByChange by Max Characters:15
Change DateChange date
Union CodeUnion code Max Characters:6
Rate ClassRate class Max Characters:15
Federal ClassFederal class Max Characters:10
Other VeteransOther veterans
Military Discharge DateMilitary discharge date
Default Information From ClassDefault information from class: 0=False; 1=True
Change ReasonIf entered, change will be recorded

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