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How do I access Copy/Paste Templates?

The templates for Copy/Paste can be accessed in many ways. Once the template is acquired the user needs to paste it into Excel and begin populating it.

1. Attempting to Paste

The first way to access the templates is attempting to paste into GP with an empty clipboard or one incompatible with Copy/Paste. TGP will recognize the error and open up a window that offers Copy/Paste templates, simply choose the template that applies to you and it will be put into your clipboard.

Accessing the copy paste templates through Dynamics GP.

2. In the Control Desk

The second way is to enter the Control Desk and enter the Copy/Paste settings (Home > Features > Copy/Paste), this will give the user various ways of editing the way Copy/Paste but also gives them the same access to the templates as the first method.

Accessing copy paste templates from the TitaniumGP Control Desk.

Rules for using Copy/Paste Templates

There are certain features/rules one must follow when using one of the TitaniumGP® templates: 

  1. When selecting data to paste, the range needs to include the header that defines each column name; this will help TitaniumGP® to treat the data correctly. 
  2. Empty rows and columns are automatically ignored by the program. 
  3. Not all the columns are required, only the ones whose headers are in bold with a red asterisk. 
  4. Colors and any type of formatting is ignored. 
  5. If a cell has a formula, only the value is taken into account (when pasted from Excel). 
  6. The order of the columns is irrelevant if the headers are correct. 
  7. Numeric columns are transformed into the following: 
  8. A single dash is converted to 0. 
  9. If a $ is included, it will be removed. 
  10. Commas will be removed. 
  11. GL Account columns are processed in the following manner: 
  12. If no dashes are included but all characters are, TitaniumGP® will try to format the account appropriately. 
  13. Account aliases are converted to account numbers. 
  14. Dates are converted to yyyy/mm/dd for internal processing. 
  15.  When updating master data, if a column/field is not included, the value will remain. 
  16. For master data, if you need to clear a field value use \s in the cell. 

TitaniumGP® templates can be found by either looking at the settings for Copy/Paste in the Control Desk or attempting to paste with an empty clipboard. 

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