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Introducing the TitaniumGP Suite

  Introducing the TitaniumGP Suite The TitaniumGP Suite has been fully remodeled to better represent our customer’s needs. The products in it are newer and better than ever. Our TGP suite consists of Copy/Paste, TGP Interpret (formerly known as TGP Resources),...

Elastic Windows: our powerful new expansion tool

  Elastic Windows is TitaniumGP’s powerful new expansion tool. It allows users to add additional fields to their Dynamics GP windows. By expanding their window, users can create data entries with the information they couldn’t access before. For example, users can...

New TGP Subscription Offer

We’re excited to announce that we will now be offering two different TGP subscription plans. As technology improves and corporations continue to look to the future, it’s vital that companies such as TitaniumGP are able to keep up with evolving times and needs. ...

TGP Beta Program

Say hello to opportunity.Here at TitaniumGP we are offering the unique opportunity to join the TGP Beta Program. We are always trying to improve our user’s experience with Dynamics GP. To us, this means always making updates to existing features as well as creating...

TGP Remote Control

Administrators: TGP Remote Control is for you.At TitaniumGP we know that administrators are busy people. TGP Remote Control is built with them in mind. TGP Remote Control gives administrators complete control over their companies, all from the palm of their hands....

TGP Execute

TGP Execute is a convenient new way to store SQL scripts. It allows users to store them in TitaniumGP in a new library space. The days of leaving GP to access SQL scripts are over. Now it's easier than ever to save and run these scripts in your GP Window. Keep an eye...

TGP Labeling

TGP Labeling is just one of the many new features that will help save companies time and money. After data is entered into TitaniumGP and an invoice is created, TGP Labeling allows users to go in and instantly create a label for shipping. Customer information is...

TGP Validate Pro

TGP Validate Pro is the direct result of customer feedback. With our previous feature: TGP Validate, users were able to create SQL scripts that set up checks for their businesses. In this way, they ensured that data entry was consistent and fit company guidelines....

Using Dynamics GP in Excel

TitaniumGP brings Dynamics GP to Excel. TGP Excel-Int is TitaniumGP’s brand new Excel add-in. This new tool provides easy and direct access to Dynamics GP while in Excel. Using the technology of TGP Bridge, Excel-Int allows users to log in with their Dynamics GP...

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