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TGP Execute

TGP Execute is a convenient new way to store SQL scripts. It allows users to store them in...

TGP Labeling

TGP Labeling is just one of the many new features that will help save companies time and money....

TGP Validate Pro

TGP Validate Pro is the direct result of customer feedback. With our previous feature: TGP...


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Introducing TGP Resources

Introducing TGP Resources

Getting information from the data dictionaries has never been this easy, TGP Resources allows you to extract information from existing dictionaries for querying or to create SQL views with possible values. Use this information to create reports in SQL Reporting...

Attaching files into your PO

A purchase order (PO) is normally associated with multiple other documents, like a Statement of Work, Contracts, Requisitions, Quotes, Invoices, Payments, etc. These documents are needed while the PO is active, even after it is completed for review purposes. Our...

Business Rules in BIO Industry

Each company has different and unique set of Business Rules, some might make a lot of sense to one and not much to others, this means, Dynamics GP does not have all the controls that any particular company might need letting the user be in charge of enforcing all...

Recurring JE using TitaniumGP

We visited a customer that had TitaniumGP for a while and we wanted to see how they were doing. They are a company that handles the administrative tasks of over 140 companies from several investors. They ranged from real state, restaurants, hotels and couple of...

Your GP Notes get truncated?

The GP Partner Accounting on Computers (https://www.aonc.com/) identified, that eConnect does in fact truncate the GP Notes of a customer (and other master data) when updating records (UpdateIfExists=1), even, if you do not update the notes, they get truncated Part of...

How many ways to spell New Jersey?

When it is time to create reports based on your data, the consistency of entity data becomes crucial. It is easy to miss or report incorrectly sales if you strictly base your aggregates on the data coming from a system that has free form data entry on these key...

Contract Follow-ups

Contracts define our companies’ obligations and expectations, and it is crucial that we maintain complete archives of contracts, whether they are still in force or have expired. But retrieving a contract can be surprisingly difficult, especially when it has been saved...

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