When your company makes a large purchase, how careful are you that your purchase is only completed once? Although this is something that is monitored in companies, there are no alerts set up in case of duplicate purchase orders.

In just 5 minutes, you can set up Elastic Windows and TGP Validate to require double authentication for duplicate purchase orders. This way, you can cancel or authorize the duplicate order. Whenever your company is making a purchase, Elastic Windows and TGP Validate can offer a warning or require authorization depending on how you set it up.

Example case study:

A company, let’s name them Coho Vineyard, has a sales team consisting of 10 people. They recently had a meeting with the Northwind Traders, who supply fertilizer. Coho Vineyard was very happy with the meeting and agreed to place an order for their fertilizer. However, due to a miscommunication, the purchasing department didn’t clearly state who would place the order. Two people from Coho Vineyard’s purchasing department each placed an order for $10,000 of Northwind Traders’ fertilizer. Coho Vineyard spent $20,000, which was double their budget.

This miscommunication was the responsibility of the purchasing department. However, this little miscommunication ended up being an expensive mistake for Coho Vineyard. Since Coho Vineyard is a relatively small company, they didn’t have a use for all the fertilizer that they’d ordered. They ended up with the additional expense of trying to find storage for the extra fertilizer until they needed it.

Fertilizer in a storage container.

This might sound like a fictional story, but this type of expensive mistake happens all the time on even bigger scales at large corporations and companies.

This is where a tool such as TGP Validate can really help companies save time and money. By setting up business rules, users can set barriers in place that can help protect against mistakes.

Both Elastic Windows and TGP Validate are part of our TGP Premium package. You can give these products a try in the test environment FABRIKAM for free. We are also always available to answer any questions about our product. You can tailor Elastic Windows to your company’s needs; schedule a demo with us to see all that our products can do for you and your company.