A circle with the TitaniumGP suite products: Copy/Paste, TGP Safe, and TGP Interpret.


Introducing the TitaniumGP Suite

The TitaniumGP Suite has been fully remodeled to better represent our customer’s needs. The products in it are newer and better than ever. Our TGP suite consists of Copy/Paste, TGP Interpret (formerly known as TGP Resources), and TGP Safe. Let’s take a look at the functionality these products can provide:


Copy/Paste is our most popular product, allowing the user to paste information into over 100 GP windows from Excel. Our Copy/Paste templates help you organize the information in Excel and even allow multiple entries at a time. Instead of updating your information line by line, order by order, or batch by batch, TitaniumGP makes it fast and easy to modify your GP data in bulk. Based on your Excel data, this tool will automatically update existing information, or create completely new sets of data in Dynamics GP. All with two easy steps: Copy in Excel and Paste in Dynamics GP!

TGP Interpret

You might already know this product, as it was formerly known as TGP Resources. TGP Interpret allows you to translate SQL tables into English for easy reading and understanding, as well as converting script information into SQL statements for easier data reporting. The TGP Interpret window allows you to search for the table you need, and your results will display the structure of the table with the English descriptions of each field, as well as the field data type. Instead of showing fields like account index, TGP Interpret shows you the account number and description, making it convenient for creating reports.

TGP Safe

TGP Safe allows you to access your security information quickly and easily. With this tool you can see who has access to a GP window and what role or Task ID a window belongs to. In easy-to-understand tables, you can see their names as well as their series, Role ID, Task ID, and the definition of the selected window.

A screenshot of the TGP Safe user interface.

Transform the way you work with the help of TitaniumGP. Work faster and smarter.

All our products are available for testing with FABRIKAM. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a demo.

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