TGP Remote Control

Administrators: TGP Remote Control is for you.

At TitaniumGP we know that administrators are busy people. TGP Remote Control is built with them in mind. TGP Remote Control gives administrators complete control over their companies, all from the palm of their hands. Using Remote Control, administrators are able to check who is online and what projects or documents they’re working on. This way, they can see who has been idle and for how long and can then easily remove them from the system.

Idle/inactive sessions cause a vulnerability issue since it exposes Microsoft Dynamics GP to any rogue user for misuse. Additionally, such sessions prevent other users or processes from executing some functions which require exclusive access (like maintenance, running a report or using the batch this transaction is already using, etc.). For this reason, TGP Remote Control allows you to see the Dynamics GP Environment, workstation by workstation, in Terminal Server, or in Citrix. It also allows you to check idle time, and has the ability for power users to close Dynamics GP Sessions when needed.

For instance, if business hours are set from Monday to Friday from 9 to 4pm, the administrator can set the idle time to log off of Microsoft Dynamics GP during regular business hours to ten minutes since the user last moved their mouse on the screen. They can also add an additional idle time of 60 seconds to log off of Dynamics GP from anytime during 4 pm to 9 am, or outside of the normal business hours. By setting these rules, TitaniumGP goes into Microsoft Dynamics GP system and automatically does File>Exit.

Accessing the remote control

Currently, TGP Remote Control is accessible from the TitaniumGP Control Desk. To continue improving the user experience, we are working on making it even more accessible. In the future, we plan to release our very own phone app! TGP To Go will give administrators access to Remote Control and much more. Through this application, administrators will be able to perform administrative tasks with a moment’s notice. They’ll have the ability to perform these tasks without ever even opening their computers or laptops. Through TGP To Go, they’ll even be able to restore user access for employees that have been locked out of Dynamics GP.


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