TitaniumGP Remote Control is the newest feature of TitaniumGP. A must-needed tool that will ease your mind and create security.

What problem does TitaniumGP Remote Control solve?

Users leaving their GP sessions idle with open windows!

  • Administrators will have features such as:
  • understanding each client install
  • knowing versions of the modules
  • installed, including modified dictionaries
  • closing idle/inactive sessions

Why is closing idle/inactive GP sessions important?

Idle/inactive sessions cause a vulnerability issue since it exposes Microsoft Dynamics GP to any rouge user for misuse.
Such idle/inactive sessions prevent other users or processes to execute some functions which require exclusive access (like maintenance, running a report or using the batch this transaction is already using etc.).

For example the image to the left shows a user trying to run “Inventory Reconciliation” but Microsoft Dynamics GP prevents the user from doing so because another remote user has a transaction window open.

Who can take advantage of this intelligent tool and how?

Dynamics GP administrators are the main users.

GP system administrators are the main users of TGP Remote Control, it allows them to “Enable Remote Control” and set some configurations as per their business.

For example, the image on the right shows the business hours are set from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00. The Idle time to logoff Microsoft Dynamics GP during business hours is 240 mins. Then the Idle time to logoff Microsoft Dynamics GP after business hours is 1 minute.

In other words, if it has been 60 seconds since the user last moved his mouse on the screen, TitaniumGP will go into Microsoft Dynamics GP system and will automatically do File>Exit.

What do I need to install it?

It is part of the TitaniumGP Productivity Suite. If you have TitaniumGP, TGP Remote Control is installed, contact or go to to request a trial key.

How is it different from other products of the competition?

TGP Remote Control allows you to see the Dynamics GP Environment, workstation by workstation or in Terminal Server or in Citrix, check idle time, and has the ability for power users to close Dynamics GP Sessions when needed, other products close sessions on a particular time or when idle.

What do I need to know to use it?

You need to be a Dynamics GP power user and you need to press a button.

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