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New TGP Subscription Offer

We’re excited to announce that we will now be offering two different TGP subscription plans. As...


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Business Rules in BIO Industry

Each company has different and unique set of Business Rules, some might make a lot of sense to one and not much to others, this means, Dynamics GP does not have all the controls that any particular company might need letting the user be in charge of enforcing all...

Recurring JE using TitaniumGP

We visited a customer that had TitaniumGP for a while and we wanted to see how they were doing. They are a company that handles the administrative tasks of over 140 companies from several investors. They ranged from real state, restaurants, hotels and couple of...

Did your GP Notes get truncated?

The GP Partner Accounting on Computers (https://www.aonc.com/) identified, that eConnect does in fact truncate the GP Notes of a customer (and other master data) when updating records (UpdateIfExists=1), even, if you do not update the notes, they get truncated Part of...

TitaniumGP Launches New Website

The user-friendly site, TitaniumGP, provides rich information about the organization and its productivity suite designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP. San Diego, June 23, 2015 – TitaniumGP today announced the launch of its new company website,...

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