This document explains how to mass update fields in Dynamics with TitaniumGP.

One way that companies use the Batch Number in Sales Documents in Dynamics GP is to identify the status of an order in the sales process. This means there is sometimes a need to update several orders at the same time.

Step-by-Step Procedure

In order to Mass update fields in Dynamics PG, use SmartList to locate the SOP documents you want to change, using the “Search” button to filter, and add the Batch Number column:

Once the documents are identified, export them to Microsoft Excel.

Leave only the columns you need—SOP Type, SOP Number, and Batch Number—and remove all the rest:

Export SOP documents to Excel

Next, you need to update the remaining fields in a way TitaniumGP will understand. To do this, you just need the “Action” column.
If you need the full template, make sure you do not have an Excel range in the clipboard, then select TGP-Paste from the additional menu:

Sales Transaction Entry

You will be prompted to generate a template. Select Update/Delete template and All Fields. Click Ok.

TitaniumGP Copy / Paste templates

TitaniumGP will store the template in the clipboard. Open Excel and paste.

Sales transaction entry update

Add an Action Column to the previous export from SmartList. TitaniumGP can work with the columns in any order. In this case, we are adding it as the last column. Select the action command “UpdateHeader” for all rows, select the range, and press Control-C to copy:

Add Action Column to SmartList export

Now, in the additional menu of the Sales Transaction Entry window, select TGP-Paste. TitaniumGP will proceed to update the orders and will report back when completed. Please be patient, as it can take a few seconds or more depending on the size of the range you are pasting.

Additional menu in Sales Transaction Entry window

Now, go back to SmartList and click the refresh button.

Go back to SmartList

You will now see that all the documents have been updated.

Smartlist documents updated


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