If you’re anything like us, then you’re super excited for the changes coming your way soon. TitaniumGP Premium is about to completely revolutionize the way that users interact with Dynamics GP. If you’ve already interacted with TitaniumGP, then you know that the suite of tools we offer can truly change a business’ workflow. With TitaniumGP Premium, these changes and improvements will be better than ever. This is why we are offering the unique opportunity to join our Beta Program. This program gives companies the opportunity to use TitaniumGP Premium for free while it’s in the final stages before product launch.

Companies won’t pay full price for TitaniumGP Premium until it officially launches. However, at the same time, they’ll have full access to all of the exciting features that will be a part of the new update, including TGP Bridge, Excel Integration, and TGP TO GO. The feedback we receive from these users will be invaluable, and will go directly into the final touches and improvements TitaniumGP Premium will see before release. If this program sounds like something that your company would be interested in, give us a call, send us an email, or book a demo. If you book a demo, just make sure to include BETA PROGRAM in the notes description. We’re super excited to continue improving our customers’ experiences with Dynamics GP. Let us show you how.