Have you ever wondered who has access to certain windows in Dynamics GP? It can be difficult to keep track of who has access to what, especially if your company works with flexible teams and your team is constantly changing. This can be a concern if there are sensitive windows in Dynamics GP that only certain people should have access to. Thankfully, you can see who has access to a Dynamics GP Window using TGP Safe. This feature can give you peace of mind and help you stay in control of your Dynamics GP environment.

Let’s say that you are the manager of a company’s financial team. You have set up Dynamics GP with all of the necessary windows for your team to complete their work. However, you are concerned that some of the windows may be accessible to people who do not need them. You want to make sure that the windows are secure and only available to the right people.


See who has Access to a Dynamics GP Window Using TGP Safe

With TGP Safe, you can easily see who has access to a GP window. You can see which users have access, when they last accessed the window, and whether they have the ability to modify or delete data in the window. This information allows you to quickly identify any users who should not have access to the window. If needed, you can also revoke their access from this window. Do you want to assign a new task to a team member? Just as easily, you can double check they have access to all the windows they need to complete the task.


Example Case Study:

You notice that a user who is not part of your financial team has access to a window that contains sensitive financial information. You can use TGP Safe to see when this user last accessed the window. In the same table, see whether they have the ability to modify or delete that data. If you determine that this user shouldn’t have access to the window, you can revoke their access using TGP Safe.

Having control over who has access to your Dynamics GP windows is crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your financial data.

In conclusion, TGP Safe lets you see who has access to a Dynamics GP Window. By using this feature, you can quickly identify users who shouldn’t have access to a window and revoke their access. This will allow you to focus on your work without worrying about unauthorized access to your data.

Stay in control of your Dynamics GP environment using TGP Safe.