The safety and security of financial data is crucial for any business. It protects the money you’ve earned from malicious actors and helps maintain your organization’s credibility. Unfortunately, financial fraud is a real issue that can happen to any company, big or small. That’s why having the right tools in place to protect your financial data is essential. More specifically, protect your Fiscal Periods from unauthorized changes.

One of the ways to ensure your financial data’s safety is by using TGP Safe. TGP Safe is an add-on tool for Dynamics GP that can monitor and track all the modifications made to your fiscal periods. This is important because the fiscal periods determine the financial statements’ accuracy. As a result, you have to close and secure them to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

TGP Safe provides an easy and comprehensive way to monitor your fiscal periods by showing you all the modifications made to them. You can see who modified them, when they were modified, which module was modified, and what the action was. This way, you can always be on top of who is making changes to your financial data and ensure that they are authorized.

Running TGP Safe in the background can give you peace of mind, protecting you from potential fraud or malicious activities. Moreover, it can also help in tracking any errors or discrepancies made during the modification process. This will save you time and effort in resolving them.

In conclusion, TGP Safe is an excellent tool to have for any business that wants to protect its financial data and protect your fiscal periods. With its comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities, you can ensure that your fiscal periods are secure and free from unauthorized modifications. Don’t leave your financial data vulnerable, get TGP Safe and stay safe.