A delivery is being received, as a person takes stock of what is being delivered.

Maintaining inventory levels can be a challenge. Organizing a company’s inventory by specific characteristics such as refrigeration, security, expiration, certificates, and more instantly adds a new level of complexity. With Dynamics GP, it’s possible to add and monitor inventory items. To bring Dynamics GP to the next level, you need our newest product: TitaniumGP Elastic Windows.

A warehouse with lots of boxes.

In certain circumstances, receiving inventory and knowing how to properly store it will involve additional instructions. For a lot of companies, many of the materials that they handle may be temperature sensitive. Some materials even require a notification. In some cases, inventory is placed on hold until reviewed or certified. This needs to happen even more quickly when dealing with temperature sensitive materials.

Using TitaniumGP Elastic Windows to personalize item fields.

Although Dynamics GP is a powerful tool, it needs additional fields to store other information. Misplacing inventory items can result in expensive inventory losses. This is especially true for temperature sensitive materials. So how can a company use Dynamics GP to store all of this additional information?


Taking Dynamics GP to the next level

Our TitaniumGP Elastic Windows allows companies to create more personalized and specific fields to store information about every single item delivered. These fields can vary by item. 

A screenshot of a customized TitaniumGP Elastic Window, which will help this company better manage their inventory.

In the biotechnology field for example, a hospital might need a field called Storage Conditions”. With Elastic Windows, these “Storage Conditions” could look like a drop-down menu with several different temperature options. Picking any one of the drop-down menu options instantly provides another level of information. Employees with inventory access can quickly see what refrigerator or container to store inventory items in. This information is available right in the Receivings window.

A bird's eye view of deliveries being made.

This same hospital can also add a checkbox called “Requires Certificate”. This field can contain information about whether the item being delivered needs to come with a certificate. Certain items, especially in the medical field, can require certificates of authenticity. Other items might require certificates with information about when the item being delivered was manufactured, as well as about its shelf lifetime.

A TitaniumGP Elastic Window drop-down menu.

Additionally, Elastic Windows can also add spaces for colors, material types, and even comments. This makes it possible to jot down information specific to each item that might have been difficult to assign a specific field to. 

The best part about Elastic Windows is that it’s extremely easy to add or change fields as your business continues to grow and evolve. 

With Elastic Windows, Dynamics GP’s potential becomes limitless. Maintaining industry standards and keeping detailed inventory item information will be much easier and intuitive.