The new tool allowws Dynamics GP users to easily update and add over 45 different fields to open sales documents, on both header and detail lines level.

How to Update Open Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP

San Diego, CA, July 7th 2015 – TitaniumGP today announced the release of a new tool specifically developed to modify open sales documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP, including quotes, sales orders, invoices, returns, backorders and fulfillment orders.

Traditionally, Dynamics GP users would have to manually update sales documents, item by item and order by order. The new tool from TitaniumGP makes it possible to quickly modify and add information to multiple open sales documents simultaneously. Visit for more information and specific scenarios showcasing the functionality of the new tool.

TitaniumGP is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Microsoft’s widespread and robust accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. TitaniumGP offers an affordable suite of innovative productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP that helps users get more done in less time. The suite consists of Copy/Paste, Elastic Windows, Search, Save to Excel and NextID, and can be purchased through select Microsoft Dynamics GP Value Added Resellers (VARs) or directly from TitaniumGP.

The newly released feature is an extension of the company’s copy/paste tool that allows users to copy and paste data between Excel and over 20 different Dynamics GP windows.

“We’re excited to roll out our latest feature, and I’m certain that it will be well-received by companies utilizing the sales order processing functionality in Dynamics GP. To my knowledge, this is the most comprehensive tool on the market that allows Dynamics GP users to bulk modify open sales documents,” says Miguel Lozano, founder and Director of Technology at TitaniumGP and adds, “now, users can easily update and add Batch ID, Ship to Address, User Defined fields, Tracking Number, Freight Cost and so on to open sales documents. And the best part is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re updating one or 200 documents – in either case it only takes a few minutes.”

The new tool enables users to modify over 45 different fields in the Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry window. In addition to sales order documents, TitaniumGP enables users to bulk update all master data, including customers, customer addresses and items.

A video demonstrating how to update open sales orders in Dynamics GP can be found at

About TitaniumGP
TitaniumGP is a leading Independent Software Vendor providing enhancement tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains). Founded in 2010 in San Diego, CA, TitaniumGP’s mission is to improve the user experience of Microsoft Dynamics GP and help companies become more productive by saving time and reducing manual and error-prone work tasks. For more information, call 855.238.8739 or visit

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