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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TitaniumGP interrupt any Dynamics GP processes?

No, it is designed as an AddIn so Dynamics GP runs as usual but with added features.

What type of information can I input into an Elastic Window?

Elastic Windows supports special characters, images, checkboxes, dropdowns, emojis, and more.

I have a perpetual Dynamics GP license. Do I have to purchase a perpetual TitaniumGP license?

No. TitaniumGP’s subscription plan works on all Dynamics GP license plans including perpetual.

Do the columns and rows that I want to paste into Dynamics GP need to match the given template?

Not exactly. TitaniumGP will automatically paste only the fields Dynamics GP asks for as long as it has the corresponding column headers in the clipboard. The columns can be in any order, and TGP will automatically organize the information into the GP fields.

Do I have to use the templates provided?

No, you can use whatever template you prefer. Just make sure you have the same column headers as the fields Dynamics GP asks for so that TGP can input the information in the corresponding field.

What method is being used to import the data when I use Copy/Paste?

TGP’s Copy/Paste uses Microsoft’s eConnect to import the data.

Do I need to purchase eConnect to use Copy/Paste?

No. The components needed are already installed on your computer when you have the Microsoft Operating System.

Can I see the data before the changes were made to the Master Data?

Yes. This can be seen in the Event Log in the TGP Control Desk. If you want to revert changes, you can find the previous data set in the Event Log and Copy/Paste it back into the Master Data.

Can I have TGP Safe without buying TGP Remember?

In short, yes. They use the same technology, and our priority is to make sure TGP Safe runs perfectly. You can use TGP Remember within Elastic Windows without purchasing TGP Remember. However, if you want to use TGP Remember for other GP windows, you must purchase it.

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