Subscription Plans


The basics: Copy/Paste, TGP Safe, and TGP Interpret.



TGP Plus Icon

TGP Premium

Our TitaniumGP subscription with an upgrade: Elastic Windows, The Button, NextID, TGP Search, TGP Validate, TGP Execute.


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TGP Remember

A light-weight yet powerful auditing tool that allows administrators to monitor changes users make.

$2495 perpetual*

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TGP Bridge

Automatically add invoices that come into your email to GP with AI technology.

$1950 perpetual*

Start your monthly subscription:

Step 1: Download TitaniumGP.

Step 2: Once installed, open the control desk to open the Registration window. Click the “Subscribe” button to download the available plans.

Step 3: Select the plan you want to subscribe to.

Step 4: Click the “Subscribe” button. It will open a web page that will allow you to enter your payment information.

Step 5: On the payment page, you will have a chance to enter your bank information. The system will automatically generate the registration keys once the payment has been approved.

Step 6: Once this has been completed, restart Dynamics GP to activate your TitaniumGP features.

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