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Common Errors

Before pasting: 

  1. Validate that the clipboard data can be converted into a table 
  2. Verify that each row has the same number of columns 
  3. Remove empty rows and columns 
  4. Verify that the first row has the header information 
  5. Check that the required fields are included in the data range 
  6. Validate that all column names match the ones in the template 
  7. Convert and clean numeric, GL Accounts, and date values 
  8. Review against SQL Injection 
  9. Organize the appropriate data table that will be imported using eConnect or the Macro Engine 
  10. Using the generated table, TitaniumGP® interacts with eConnect to insert the information 

Each of these steps has a possibility of failure. If such is the case, the user will be presented with an error message describing the failure and possible instructions to correct it. 

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