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Activating TGP Remember

TGP Remember uses a different payment than the rest of TGP, make sure that you have purchased the perpetual license before attempting to activate it.

To activate TGP Remember you must be a GP Admin giving you access to its section in the Control Desk (Home > GP Admin > TGP Remember). Once there you will see a list of different tables that can be used with TGP Remember, select the tables you want t  be tract and click the “De/Activate on:” button, this will activate TGP Remember on all the tables selected and deactivate on all the tables not selected (If it was selected previously). After a delay a confirmation page will pop up telling you which tables were activated/deactivated.

Once activated TGP will run silently in the background tracking all changes to the table made while active. No further action is required to keep TGP Remember running, only if the GP Admin wants to access the records.