We’re excited to announce that we will now be offering two different subscription plans. As technology improves and corporations continue to look to the future, it’s vital that companies such as TitaniumGP are able to keep up with evolving times and needs. 

Although we believe that Copy/Paste already provides the functionality needed to greatly improve a user’s productivity, there is always room for improvement. That’s why we’re releasing a brand new subscription option with even more features: TGP Premium. Our regular TGP subscription includes:

  • Copy/Paste
  • TGP Safe
  • TGP Interpret

TGP Premium will include all of these products, in addition to an entire set of new products, including:

  • Elastic Windows
  • The Button
  • NextID
  • TGP Search
  • TGP Validate
  • TGP Execute

New products that are currently in the Alpha and Beta stages of testing will be added to the TGP Premium package in the coming months.

We’d like to highlight Elastic Windows and Elastic Designer, which will allow companies to customize their GP window to include the fields that make most sense for their line of work. Elastic Windows provides a plethora of options for adding fields and extending GP window workspaces. Elastic Designer presents a way to create and format these additional fields in a visually appealing and easily understandable way. Elastic Designer is currently in the final stages of testing – be one of the first to test it out by subscribing to the TGP Premium package.